Geoff Provest MP

Great to join with the Fingal Coastcare team today.

After receiving funding in 2020 to restore and protect the Fingal Headland it is fantastic to see how the money has been allocated.
Following the historic appointment of the Tweed Byron Aboriginal Land Council in 2021 as managers of the culturally significant land at Fingal Head, it is fantastic to see the Land Council, Fingal Coastcare, the Fingal Community and Tweed Shire Council come together to preserve and rehabilitate the area’s biodiversity.

The team should be very proud of what they have achieved the area looks great.

Tweed Byron LALC Successful in Securing Regional Youth Investment Program Funding

20th December 2022:  NSW Acting Premier, Paul Toole MP and Local Member for Tweed Geoff Provest MP, announced today Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council’s successful application for funding of $522,550 for fa Youth Education facility for the local Aboriginal community.

Further information will be coming in the New Year – 2023

Acting Premier, Paul Toole & Des Williams, Chairperson,

Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council


Fingal Head reserve to be handed to Aboriginal Land Council

In a NSW first the Tweed Byron Aboriginal Land Council (TBALC) has been handed the management of the culturally significant land at Fingal Head, the 2.3-hectare Fingal Head reserve.

In a ceremony on Friday 10 December the local families gathered with community members and representatives to acknowledge the importance of this event.

‘Thank you to the Land Council for inviting us to be here for this historic occasion of being handed over management of the headland,’ said Nicole Rotumah-Weir, Chairperson of the Tweed Aboriginal Co-Operative.


In a first for NSW, Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council has been appointed to manage culturally significant land at Fingal Head.

Member for Tweed Geoff Provest said a new Crown land reserve would be created at Fingal Head dedicated to ‘Preservation of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage’.

“The appointment of Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council to manage the new Fingal Head reserve is the first time a land council has been appointed a Crown Land Manager in NSW,” Mr Provest said.

“This aligns with Crown land strategic priorities to protect cultural heritage and the environment, and support Aboriginal outcomes.”

Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey said the appointment and reserve would protect and promote the environmental, cultural and historical features of Fingal Head.

“This historic appointment and creation of the new 2.3-hectare reserve is a terrific outcome for our local area, recognising the Aboriginal community’s longstanding connection to this culturally-significant land,” Mrs Pavey said.

“Our beautiful coastline is starkly noted by this landmark headland formed by lava from the now extinct Mt Warning volcano, and known as Wollumbin by local Aboriginal people.”

Des Williams, Chairperson of the Tweed Byron LALC welcomed the appointment and reserve to protect Fingal Headland, known as ‘Booninybah’ or Place of the big Echidna because of its basalt rock that looks like echidna spines.  Fingal Headland is a special Cultural place connected to many other significant Cultural sites throughout the shire and beyond our shire.  Our community is still very much connected to it. 

Booninybah is Culturally significant to Aboriginal people of Fingal and the Tweed.  The former caves, the coloured sands, the burials, an increase site for booniny, a place of ceremony and connection to other ceremonial places in the shire including Joongurra Ngarian (Cook Island), the food, medicine and tool resources are some of the things that make this place significant to our community.

Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council CEO Leweena Williams said what a huge accomplishment this is, our Elders have continued to lead the way with regards to protecting this very special place and giving us clear instructions to ensure our Cultural Responsibilities are carried out and our communities legacy of protecting Booninybah remains in tact well into the future.   This appointment is a testament to their hard fought efforts and of all the collaborative efforts and practical works carried out here to present day.  This is a demonstration of our Lore being recognised and formalised into Law. We thank Geoff Provest, Minister Pavey and Crown Lands for working with us and making this a reality.

“Fingal Head is an absolute gem of a place, but the things that attract people to it can also inadvertently impact it through continuous pedestrian access and unauthorised clearing of the grassland, trees and rocky areas,” Ms Williams said. 

“We have worked side by side with Fingal Head Coastcare, Fingal Community Association, Fingal Public School and Tweed Shire Council for at least 20+years to protect the Headland and we will continue this work to preserve and rehabilitate the area’s biodiversity, including by bush regeneration, protecting native species and wildlife, and cultural assets and stories. 

“Education of the Cultural and Environmental qualities and sensitivities will be crucial, as there are a lot of people moving to the peninsula as well as tourists visiting it who are unaware. We can learn from other groups and they can learn from us about what land and water management practices will work best.”


Des Williams Chairperson, Fingal Elders Aunty Chris Morgan, Aunty Marcia Browning, Uncle Clarry Williams, Uncle Kevin Slabb, Aunty Aunty Dale Williams, Jaydee Rotumah-Weir along with TBLALC Rangers Tom Phillips, Tom Byrnes, Banahm Slabb & Ernie Williams were jubilant about the appointment and acknowledgement of all the past efforts to protect the Headland and are pictured with Geoff Provest, Crown Lands Manager Katherine Knight, Jane Lofthouse Tweed Shire Council.

Ernie Williams and Banaam Slabb performing a celebratory dance on top of the Headland with Elders, Geoff Provest MP, Crown Lands and TSC.

MEDIA: Geoff Provest | 0419 710 592

Exciting news! TBLALC has been selected to present a paper at the 29th NSW Coastal Conference on 17 -19 November 2021 at the Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff. The theme is 'Living with Uncertainty" and the conference is supported by Tweed and Byron Shire Councils.
Unfortunately with the recent re-opening of Letitia Rd there has been a recurrence of illegal dumping. TBLALC is working with Tweed Shire Council to find a solution to the problem.
Tweed Byron LALC were pleased to receive masks, sanitizer and other products for the Community Safety Packs being prepared by Tweed Byron LALC, Tweed Aboriginal Co-Operative, Byron Shire Goori Coalition, Tweed Byron Police Area Command and both Tweed and Byron Shire Councisl. These packs are being put together and delivered to our homeless mob, Elders and other community members in need.