Tweed Byron LALC will not be holding any Members meetings until further notice, as per advice issued by NSWALC & the Registrar relating to the current Public Health Order that is in place.

Hello to our TBLALC Members and communities. We hope this short update provides some information about our Land Council since we last met.

Mandatory Board of Director Governance Training On the 24th April 2021 some of our newly appointed Board of Directors recently completed the mandatory Governance Training for Local Aboriginal Land Council Board Members. The Board of Directors who were unable to attend on the day have been provided a suitable alternate date to undertake this mandatory governance training. The training was facilitated by the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council and was a great opportunity to understand the important role of The NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act (1983) and Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation (2014) plays in ensuring strong governance of our Local Aboriginal Land Council. We would like to thank each Board of Director for attending the training as it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up and to learn together about the roles we play in moving our Local Land Council forward. Our First Board of Directors Meeting After the governance training the Tweed Byron Aboriginal Land Council took the opportunity to hold our first Board of Directors Meeting.  At this meeting a number of important topics were discussed such as:
  • Grants
  • Aboriginalities
  • Membership Roll
The Board of Directors are looking forward to setting the date for our next Members Meeting to ensure we are remaining connected to you and keeping you informed on TBLALC business and moving forward with some long outstanding community matters. We will ensure the meeting notice is distributed once we set a date. This meeting notification will be distributed through a range of information distribution channels. The Board of Directors are currently working on the following strategic documents to ensure we are maintaining strong governance and communication strategies:
  • TBLALC Membership Communication Strategy inclusive of:
    • TBLALC Governance Structure; Roles and Responsibilities.
    • Regular Membership Updates.
    • Key community and TBLALC Events.
    • Social Media Approaches.
    • Code of Conduct Promotions.
  • Reviewing internal Policy and Procedures to ensure strong strategic and operational alignment.
We hope this short update provides you with some insights on our area of focus in the next six months. TBLALC CLBP Update Also we would like to share some great work we have been doing with delivering on our TBLALC CLBP. We will continue to deliver on our TBLALC CLBP and look forward to working with you in the future when it comes time to review our areas of focus. Yours in Unity Des Williams Chairperson